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Sometimes grief becomes a sleepy layer underneath one’s skin. In this deeply personal song, CORI finds herself waiting for a person who will never come back and sending questions into the void for answers. The song was recorded and produced in London with WASSAILER. Vocals recorded with AINIE in Frankfurt, Germany. Mixed by Oli Barton-Wood. Mastered by Aneek Thapar.



out 22/09/23





Have you ever met someone where there always seems to be the option? A silent promise that there is something on the line, more to explore, that something great could be. Then, cards unwisely played, and finally a dry acknowledgment of the brutal reality that the game is lost. CORI SIMONE's second single Only You is a promise and a surrender. Written in rainy Glasgow some time back, it is a promise to herself to admit and surrender to the memories echoing in her head. Starting with a soft and soothing synth melody, the song drifts into an earthy dub bassline and reaching up into a rhythmic trance pattern, ending with the epic capitulation and a horn section shattering the message wide and far.

Produced and recorded in London with WASSAILER. Mixed by Adam Whittaker. Mastered by Aneek Thapar.


out 26/05/23




CORI SIMONE's debut single Pause echoes far into a grey zone that seemingly has no end in sight. Written at a time when there was little progress to be felt, the 808s pull us down, carrying the heaviness of the inner world. Meanwhile, trap hi-hats urge to move on, and choral harmonies as well as the intricate piano composition lift us up further up into the air and reflect the complexity of thoughts running around aimlessly in the sky. CORI described that the song delivers a feeling of being torn between giving up and wishing to start again somewhere else, someplace new. This conflict can not be resolved in the song, it is more about giving space and tone to unspeakable secrets, no matter how dark they might be.

Produced and recorded in London with WASSAILER. Mixed by WASSAILER. Mastered by Aneek Thapar.


out 21/4/23

Pause Teaser

Behind the Song


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